Here, brave computer technicians are ready to face the world’s problems of computer terror. Our trained team of professionals will tackle any virus, Windows error, or Linux confusion. We recognize that the world is filled with evil software, faulty hardware, and annoying companies, just about anything can turn your wonderful computer experience into a nightmare. That’s were Jared and Zerin Tech services comes to you. Or you come running to them, whatever is most convenient.

We not only work with your computer’s software, we also are very experienced in hardware related issues too! Computer acting buggy after a fresh install? Need more ram, hard drive space, or simply don’t know what’s wrong? Call or email us any-time and we’ll help you as soon as possible. (See Contacts Page)

We not only do repairs, but also upgrade and mod cases too! Want to speed up that old machine? Want it to look awesome and cool like on the cover of Maximum PC? Want a new paint job? Our amateur artists, will do their best to get the most wow out of your PC with whatever budget you have in mind.

Located in two Sacramento Areas, we are spread out to be at your service as soon as possible! Both are mobile and ready help out.

You do have money don’t you? Good. Very good.


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