How We Securely Wipe Hard Drives

12 04 2011

I’ll be quick and to the point. We don’t use Recycle bin. In fact, we wipe “EVERYTHING” including the operating system and user files. Does this mean a format? No, a format just tells the hard drive to use the space all over again and rewrite over old data. That doesn’t truly delete because with special and free tools such as (cough revuca cough) you can still recover data. So how does one securely wipe everything? Well for that, there’s Darik’s Nuke and Boot. This tool can be downloaded for free and burnt to an ISO and to USB flash drive if you wish. It runs when you boot from this and you can start wiping your data. It’s a bit tough to use for first timers, that’s why we recommend this tool to be used by professionals. This will delete everything, even Windows, Linux and Mac OS. So well that you would not be able to tell what was on there! By over-writing your data with random 1 and 0’s or maybe in a special order multiple times, your data is lost forever. Bye family pictures, bye funny downloaded you-tube videos,and goodbye Windows. Your computer will not boot anymore! yay! What? So my computer is unusable after that?!!! Yes, in a way, but like all machines, it can be fixed. Now after we wipe your data you could [pay us to] install another Operating System. Preferably Linux, I mean Windows! Windows yes. Once Windows is reinstalled, your computer is fresh and new and baby again. Wee! Alright, so now do you understand what a secure wipe is? Very good. So now Jared and Zerin Tech’s offers this wiping service for only 5$, even though it seems easy, it takes time and professionalism. Not only that but this week we are also taking off your hands your old computers! So clean out that closet today!